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Inspiring a life-long love for the beautiful game

Our Pre-Academy program is focused on not only developing the technical skills of young players, but also fostering their love and passion for the game. Our coaches aim to create a fun and supportive environment where children can learn and grow as soccer players, while also enjoying the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of playing on a team.

We offer three different levels to meet the needs of players of different ages and abilities



maecillos | Mah-eh-see-joes

colloquial term commonly used in Costa Rica as a form of endearment or affection used between friends that conveys a sense of closeness or camaraderie. It is equivalent to terms like "buddy," "pal," or "mate". "Mae" is a widely used term in Costa Rican culture, and its usage extends beyond just soccer-related contexts.


mejengueros | Meh-hen-ge-ros

an informal soccer game or pick-up game, usually played among friends or neighborhood acquaintances. Mejengas often serve as a way for friends to get together, have fun, and enjoy the beautiful game in a more relaxed and informal setting like local parks, school playgrounds, or other open spaces, and are a common and beloved pastime for many people in Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries.


mundialista | Moon-dee-ah-lees-tah

derived from "Mundial," the Spanish word for "World Cup”, a "mundialista" is a player participating in the largest international sporting event in the world. As only a few players are selected to represent their country, it is a high honor to compete at this event and reserved for players who have demonstrated their skills at the highest level of competition.

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