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MSA Scholarship Fund

The MSA Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance and equal opportunities to promising young soccer players regardless of economic circumstances. Having benefited from the opportunities soccer provided Kyle Morsink growing up in Costa Rica, he is personally driven to increase accessibility through the MSA Scholarship Fund.


Breaking Down Barriers

The MSA Scholarship Fund aims to break down financial barriers that may prevent a player's participation and growth. We believe all motivated athletes should have access to premier coaching and resources.

Fueling Soccer Dreams

Any donations and sponsorships received go towards supporting the MSA Scholarship Fund and its mission of providing financial assistance to promising young soccer players in need. The MSA Scholarship Fund invests in young athletes and fuels their soccer goals. 

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Investing in Players

The fund helps cover training fees, equipment costs, travel expenses and more based on each player's specific needs. Our goal is to aid aspiring soccer players by alleviating financial stressors.

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