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Join us for a comprehensive college soccer recruiting workshop, designed to give high school players an inside track on their journey to playing at the next level. Our summer-long program features a lineup of experienced college coaches who will share their insights and advice on the college recruiting process. You'll also hear from current student-athletes as they participate in a roundtable discussion, sharing their experiences and answering your questions.


In addition to learning about the recruiting process, you'll have the opportunity to learn strategies and techniques for effective coach outreach in our Recruitment Strategy and Communication Tutorial. And, to help you maintain a healthy and competitive edge, we'll have a nutrition expert to discuss the importance of healthy eating habits and how to fuel your body for optimal performance.


Players will have a chance to participate in three separate college soccer recruiting seminars, featuring top college coaches who will provide insights and guidance on the college recruiting process. Discover the tips and strategies to navigate the process and position yourself as a top recruit.



  • Marketing Yourself - How to position yourself as a top recruit

  • Recruiting Realities - Commonly believed myths about the college recruitment process

  • College Athlete Expectations - What is expected from incoming freshmen


MONDAY, JUNE 19TH | 8:00-9:00 PM

At our Athlete Nutrition Keynote, we'll have nutrition expert, Alisha Temples, discuss the importance of healthy eating habits and how to fuel your body for optimal performance. Discover how to maintain a healthy and competitive edge while competing at a high-level.

Alisha Temples, CNS, LDN

  • Founder and head nutritionist of Fueled & Fed Nutrition

  • Bachelor’s of Science in chemistry from Virginia Tech

  • Master’s of Science in nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health

Nutrition Keynote Price: $35


A dynamic college player roundtable discussion, where former and current college athletes will share their experiences and insights on the challenges faced during the college recruiting process. Our panel of players will discuss topics such as what they wish they had known throughout the recruiting process, the decision of accepting an offer, and the challenges of transitioning from high school to college.


This is an excellent opportunity for high school players to learn from the firsthand experiences of current college athletes, and gain valuable insights on the journey to college soccer. Our roundtable discussion will provide an interactive platform for questions and answers, where participants can learn from the players and ask for their advice.


Mastering College Recruitment Communication: Strategies and Techniques for Effective Coach Outreach


In this interactive session, athletes will learn how to:

  • Create an effective recruiting profile

  • Understand the college recruitment timeline

  • Navigate college recruitment rules and regulations

  • Build relationships with college coaches

From decoding the language used by coaches, to mastering the art of writing effective emails, this segment will provide practical tips and strategies for standing out in a competitive field.

Dates: June-August

  • All sessions will be held live, online.

  • Registered players will be able to access all content on-demand at the conclusion of each session.

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